Aaron Brothers, ‘What Would You Frame?’ Giveaway

It’s so exciting when I’m approached by a company I adore to help launch a new campaign… When Aaron Brothers asked if I’d take part in their new, ‘What Would You Frame’ campaign,  I couldn’t wait to jump onboard.   I have several of their frames in my home and it’s a product I believe in.  In exchange for my write up and review, they asked if there was something special and unique that I’d like to have them frame.   I knew immediately what I wanted to do.

I have a beautiful abstract painting made by my sweet friend and artist, Maria Kamara.  This piece hangs in my foyer and was still in canvas form when Aaron Brothers approached me.  I had been waiting to find the right frame to fit the space and piece.  It’s a gorgeous work of art and with it’s bright, bold colors I knew it needed the ‘perfect frame’ that would allow the piece to shine.
Working with my local Aaron Brothers was already an easy process as I have been going there for years and knew many of their design experts.   It’s so easy making a complimentary appointment…  I love what we chose and I’m certain you will too.  The new frame chosen dressed this special piece perfectly and I can’t imagine how I would have done this without the help of everyone at the store. They have over 700 moulding choices, 400 mats and the Aaron Brothers custom framing visualization system that allows guests to see the finished design before the order is placed.  Seeing my piece on the computer really helped me make my final decision…  I took a print of the piece home to show my family and they were thrilled with my choice as well.
I can never make it out of a store with just 1 item so before leaving I asked if they could also help me find new frames for 2 special prints in my family room that were being compromised by the sunlight entering from a window.  I was thrilled when they said that they could change out the glass with the two frames I found within the store to a ‘museum glass’.  They then explained that this would protect my prints from any light which causes fading and glare.  I can’t tell you what a difference it has made.  I never realized glass has come so far!

Now for the really fun part…  What would YOU frame if you had NO limits?  Aaron Brothers would like for you to join along in the fun and share some of your creative, out of the box custom frame ideas in the comments section here or via Instagram at @wicksnest by tagging me AND using the hashtag, #WhatWouldYouFrame to be entered to win a $200 Aaron Brothers gift card.
I’ll be picking a winner on July 31.  :)

To find out more about Aaron Brothers and to view all the different framing options click here.

Have fun with this and choose something really special!




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10 thoughts on “Aaron Brothers, ‘What Would You Frame?’ Giveaway

  1. I love what you framed! SO pretty! I have a bunch of my grandfather’s old scarves that my Dad gave me after he passed away. I would love to have them framed so I could make a fun gallery wall in my basement.

  2. I would cherish the ability to frame our wedding. From our favorite wedding photos, to the invitations, and the floral components it would be incredibly special. Being able to preserve my bouquet, which has steadily been drying out, and place it in the center of the framed arrangement would be a perfect memory of our day.

    1. Love this idea Amber! I have certain pieces from my wedding still that could also use a special place as well… Hugs and thanks for entering. xoxo

  3. I love your colorful prints and the frames you chose! I would love to frame so many photos of our travels and of our beautiful grandchildren. We have twelve grandchildren so far and are expecting #13 and 14 in the fall. We are always looking for frames!

    1. That’s amazing Victoria! So fun… Thanks so much and what an incredible family you have. Hugs!

  4. I love the simple white frame you chose for the bright colorful painting. As for me, I am primarily a jewelry designer and hot glass bead artist and have recently been exploring the idea of creating fun mixed media pieces using my hot glass beads and possibly other small items that I make by hand on paper and then framing these. I love exploring with colors, patterns and shapes and I think the idea of framed jewelry art is new and innovative since I haven’t seen it done anywhere before.(I just hope none reads this and steals my idea, lol) :)

  5. I would love to frame a sand dollar that I found while I was walking on the beach while I was pregnant with my son, but before I even knew I was expecting. It would be the perfect addition to his nursery!