Choosing a Lamp with 6 things in Mind

Happy Wednesday!

So excited to hear that an interior design friend is launching her very own lamp line!

Jana Bek of Bek Design makes hand painted brushstroke design lamps which are beautiful in shape and available in a wide range of colors as well as offering an option to customize a color.

I can’t wait to order one!

Jana’s unique lamps are like works of art.

Jana’s gorgeous lamps remind me that lamps play an important role in our homes…  Not only is your lamp necessary for lighting but it’s an opportunity to make something ordinary extraordinary!

In looking around my home I realize that each lamp has been specifically picked  for more than just one reason.
Lamps are the perfect opportunity to reflect your
personality and style~

~When picking out lamps these are the 6 questions that I ask myself~

1.  How do I pick a lamp that ‘Blends’ with my space yet also stands out and remains interesting? 

If a lamp is the same color as the room it’s placed in or if it’s made of a glass or shiny material like that of silver, mercury, gold or brass…  it doesn’t mean that it can’t stand out in shape or texture.

I always add architectural detail whenever possible.  Having an interesting shape or texture allows your lamp to shine quietly.

Blend examples-

~  In my front entry I have a white lamp set against a creamy white wall but because the shape of the lamp has a cut out design with distressed edges… it has a unique 3 dimensional feel.  Another Blend example can be seen with the lamp in my Foyer. This lamp is seen from 4 different areas of my home.

Because of this I knew that I needed something that blended with all surroundings yet I also wanted it to reflect light, remain beautiful and classic (it sits across from my Dining Room) and yet go with everything. The answer? My Restoration Hardware Glass Banister Lamp.

The Banister lamp is made of clear glass but because of the size and shape, it adds interest and a richness to the space.

2.  Does my room or space need added texture like that from a distressed wooden refurbished lamp or a cut out detail in the design of a lamp?

In my family room I have another white lamp that has an interesting square base and scroll shape that gives it character.


Even though this lamp is white and set between 2 white sofas, the architectural details make it pop.

3.  Do I want my lamp to feel like a work of art?

I have a blue blown glass fluted lamp that is the perfect contrast to the distressed white octagonal table it sits on in my study.

I love it!

~Important To Note~

I often change the shades on my lamps. (for added shape or textural interest)  Never let a shade hold you back from the perfect lamp!

4.  What size lamp do I need for the room?

Often times a lamp can sit on it’s own if it’s large and interesting enough but other times I will purposely choose a medium-size lamp just for the flexibility in ways I can display it.

For example, with a slightly smaller lamp you can add more interest to a space by placing it on stacked books or in a tray with other pieces.

https://kristywicks.comThis addition can take a smaller lamp to a whole new level.

5.  Does the space need something that reflects light like that of a shiny Mercury or gold material ?

I have large Mercury lamps in both my Family Room and Master Bedroom.  I find that Mercury works double time in that it lends an airy light feeling as well as reflects light.  I love these lamps because while they add interest they don’t dominate either space.

6.  Is my space small and yet lighting is a must?  

https://kristywicks.comI have a small guest room that’s ‘just’ large enough for a queen bed and two side tables with a few inches to spare.  The side tables are very small and I knew I didn’t want the room to feel cluttered and overwhelmed with decor. In making the room appear a little larger I went for the clear glass look like that in my Foyer rather than choosing small or skinny lamps…  I knew in this space I wanted something beautiful for my guests and the glass orb shape of these lamps give a look of substance and richness.  Perfect!

Finally, remember… you can find lamps in all price ranges.

Online there are amazing options from One Kings Lane for less than full price to HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Target and Pottery Barn.

I never limit myself on something that makes such a huge impact in my home.

Have a great Wednesday and remember that Lamps are more than just for lighting!



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13 thoughts on “Choosing a Lamp with 6 things in Mind

  1. You are reading my mind! Right now I’m trying to fill an awkward corner with light and I have NO clue what I want to do. At the moment I have a leaning bookcase there… But there’s no spot for a lamp!!! So do I try replacing it with a small (make that tiny) table with a lamp or use a floor lamp. Or maybe a wall sconce??? I’m at a loss! Thanks for all the questions to ponder, they just might help me to make a decision! :)

    1. Hi Alicia, thanks so much for commenting! It’s hard to say exactly what would look best without seeing the space. You can always email me a pic if you like and I’ll give you my 2 cents. ;) Thanks so much for commenting! Have a great night! Hugs! xo

      1. Ok thank you!!! I will as soon as I get a chance! It’s just an awkward living room.

  2. You have some great tips here! I love the clear glass lamps and the mercury glass is so pretty when it reflects the light. I think I have several lamps in every room in my house. :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Aww thanks Lisa! It’s hard to not love these mercury lamps… or ‘any’ lamp for that matter! ;) I think lamps are one of the easiest ways to show off your style and one that can make such a statement without spending too much. Hugs and thanks sweetie! xo

  3. Kristyy! These are absolutely fabulous tips! I think about these things as a designer but your tips are so succinctly written that anyone could be off and running in assessing their spaces needs for a lamp, I LOVE this post & thank you so much for including me! I cannot wait to work with you in finding the perfect color for your space. XXXX jana

    1. You are so sweet!
      I’m also sooo excited to work with you on picking out the all important ‘color’! :) This will be such a fun project!
      We’ll talk more!
      You’re the best and I hope you know I’m one of your biggest fans… Keep up ‘your’ great work so I can learn even more! Ha!
      Hugs!!! xoxo

  4. I love your tips! And I love to decorate with lamps. Glad I saw this. I always enjoy your Instagram pictures too. :)

  5. Love your lamp tips and your creative eye. You’ve given me inspiration to try new things and move around the things that I have. THANKS

    1. Thanks so much Sandy! You are so sweet and I appreciate your taking part in my giveaway! Hugs and Happy Thursday! :)

  6. You have a lovely home. Could I suggest that you do a post about your fireplace. Is it painted rock?

    1. Haha… That’s my post tomorrow Vicki! How’d you know?! :) Thanks so much for the recommendation though… I love hearing from all of you! (it takes a village as they say!) Hugs and Happy Wednesday! xoxo