$50 Pottery Barn Gift Card Giveaway!

The San Francisco Bay area is so excited right now…
The Giants are playing for their possible 3rd World Series win in 5 years!
Our area has so many strong sports teams that I find it’s difficult to not be a tad bit interested in this World Series even if you aren’t an avid sports fan. ;)
The Giants have so many great players and coaches who give back so much to our community and have such an infectious attitude that even my friends who couldn’t care less about sports are tuning in.

Keeping all of this in mind, it reminds me of how much I love our Bay Area and all the companies who hail from here.
Pottery Barn is headquartered in San Francisco and I feel this is the perfect company to host a $50 Gift Card Giveaway on this very exciting day.
I’m in love with all of the new and beautiful items at Pottery Barn right now…
So many gorgeous home decor pieces in my home are from this store.
The table and chair set and candle holders in the picture below were all purchased at PB and I adore them dearly.
They have an abundance of seasonal Fall and Christmas items flooding the stores and just waiting for that right home.
I’m sure there is something that you can find that would help make your holidays complete.

With the World Series ending tonight (and hopefully with a Giants WIN!) I feel this is the perfect day to announce a $50 Gift Card Giveaway.


The Giveaway begins today, Oct. 29th and ends Saturday, Nov 1st at midnight.
Winner will be announced on Sunday!

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leave a comment on this post.

Happy Wednesday everyone and Good Luck to our sweet SF Giants team!
Hugs! xoxo


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122 thoughts on “$50 Pottery Barn Gift Card Giveaway!

  1. I just added you on Instagram! All your posts are so beautiful and just a joy to look at (especially when Cal’s in the shot!)

    1. Thank you Susan! I love it too! I love having a space that seats my entire family for the holidays and this does just that. Hugs and have a beautiful night! xo

  2. I will start off to say Good Luck to the Giants! It has been a thrilling world series!
    I enjoy always seeing beautiful pics everyday of you lovely home. Inspires me! Thank you

    1. Thanks so much Maria! You’re the best. Thanks so much for the compliment and I wish you the best of Luck! :) Hugs! xoxo

  3. I love everything about your home. The colors are so soothing. Outside is amazing as well (those pool tiles!). Your decorating kills me (in a good way

    1. LOL. Is it ok to say I think I’m glad? ;) Aww… really nice of you and thanks so much for the compliment. :) Hugs and Good Luck! Happy Thursday! xoxo

  4. I love following you on Instagram and seeing your beautiful pictures of your home!! Your work is always such a great inspiration in my own home!!

  5. Love following you on IG! Just painted my living room this summer to similar color in your house the blue /grey..I enjoy seeing how u decorate and the color contrasts you use on your home gives me idea’s and inspiration! Cheers:)

    1. Uhhh I know Lauren! You’re adorable and I love this comment. Made my night. Hugs and Good Luck sweetie! xoxo

  6. I love pottery barn so much. I purchased. Dining room set for my daughter when she got married. And I am jealous because she still has a better set then me :) I do enjoy your Instagram feed because we have similar taste and I am redecorating in the same color pallet.
    Thanks Karen alchin

    1. That’s so great Karen! Would love to see what you do when you’re finished. I’m really glad you’re entering and I’ll keep my fingers crossed. :) Hugs and Happy Wednesday! xoxo

  7. I have been following your Instagram account for sometime now and I love the way you have used the blue, green and white hues across your house. It reflects an elegance along with serenity. This picture of the dining room looks beautiful with the touch of pumpkins for the fall season. I love how the black “L” shaped chair and the framed “W” is accentuating the whole softness of the room. One could enjoy a cup and of tea or coffee on that chair or have a pleasant meal with the family…. Just right there.

    1. Wow. That is such a beautiful way to describe it. Thank you. I love the softness of the room as well and that’s why I chose to keep the decor for the season really pale and light. I adore the shapes and the fact that pumpkins and gourds can be just as beautiful in neutral tones. I love decorating this way! Thanks for entering and Good Luck! :) xoxo

  8. Just found your IG and website and I LOVE your gorgeous home!!! You have incredible style! Keep those pictures coming!

  9. I LOVE Pottery Barn (who doesn’t?) I’m currently in the process of re-doing my bedroom and have my eye on some great items from there! Thanks so much! :)

  10. I am an Instagram follower and I LOVE your content. The photos are gorgeous!

    My Instagram name is @melleemar

  11. I would love to win the pottery barn gift card! It’s my sons first Christmas this year so I’m going all out :)

    1. Aww that is so sweet Allison! I loved Emma’s 1st Christmas. Such a a special time. Hugs and fingers crossed! xoxo

    1. Thanks Emilie! Isn’t there always something there you find you want or need? ;) Love their ‘always on top of the trends’ style. Good Luck and Hugs! xoxo

  12. I love your blog and Instagram! My husband and I moved into our first home recently, a big first anniversary present for ourselves! I’ve found so many ideas for home design on your page!!!

    1. Wow thanks Christine! That’s so sweet of you to say. :) Hope you’re having a great week and thanks for entering. Hugs! xoxo

  13. I love Pottery Barn! I also love your style. Blue and green are two of my favorite colors. Your palette is so light and fresh!

    1. Thanks Alexandra… really sweet of you to say. I live for the light and bright colors of the outdoors and spring and summer. Year round! ;) Thanks so much for your comment and Good Luck! xoxo

  14. Hi. I love your IG posts. This room is really nice and airy. Loving the colors, antique corner chair and the yellow!!! door to name a few. :)

    Best wishes to your team.


  15. It is the BEST time of the year! I love when a stranger gives me the ‘go giants’ salute and I can give it right back – I feel like it’s almost a prayer. Go Giants!

  16. When I got married my fiancé and I registered at Pottery Barn; it was fabulous!! Love your blog and IG account (and Cal)!! :-) Thanks for this opportunity!

  17. I love the fall decor on your table! What I love the most is that it’s light and bright but still feels like fall in your home.

    1. Thanks Juleny! My sister said the very same thing to me today. :) I think Fall is such an easy time to add just a few fresh decor pieces along with a couple of things from some of our favorite stores to give your home a warm and seasonal look. :) Good Luck and I’m so happy you’re entering again! xoxo

  18. Whoohoo!!!! Let’s Go Giants!!! #orangeandblack #sfgiants
    I absolutely loooove Pottery Barn. Finally broke down and bought a kitchen table from them and it’s my fav piece of furniture! I’m now trying to decide if I should do DIY benches for the breakfast nook, or buy the ones from PB! Winning the gift card would away me!! LOL!

  19. Hi Kristy! I’m already following you on Instagram. Love seeing your pictures! So excited for the Giants win! My dad up in heaven loved the Giants so much, and he never got to see them win the World Series. So this 3rd win in 5 years is extra special to me. I know he’s celebrating up there right now! GO GIANTS! Miss you! Xoxo.

    1. That’s so sweet Katie… I miss my Dad too. So happy for you. :) Thanks so much for following me and for entering the Giveaway. You’re the best and I’m so happy you’ve thrown your hat in the ring. Hugs to Andrew as well and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! Miss you both! xoxo

  20. If I was lucky enough to win do you think the gift card would work down under? We ha e two PB’s in Sydney

    1. Good question, Sue. It’s 50$ of American money so I would think it would give you that amount…? I’ll double check. I should know this already! ;) Woops! Hugs and Good Luck anyways! :D xoxo

  21. Thank you for another giveaway, you are so sweet. Your home is so lovely, I love how you decorated for autumn using soft colors.

    1. Thank you Alice… I never know exactly how I’m going to decorate each year… I love winging it and I’ll probably approach Xmas the same way. ;) EEK! Lol. Hugs and have a great Halloween! xoxo

  22. Yea! Your team won!! You have so much inspiration to give, I love your home, Looking forward to your Christmas decorating. Sneak peeks allowed, so we can try to find your great finds! Instagram follower.

  23. Those white pumpkins are so endearing and add so much warmth to the room. But where’s Cal??? :o) By the way, you’ve chosen the most beautiful colors for your walls! I would love for you to post the names of the different colors…

    1. Hi Kiki, all the paint colors are in a post on my Homepage under our family pic. It will tell all. :) Thanks so much and Good Luck! Happy Halloween… xoxo

    1. Ouch! I bet that was hard to say then… ;) Really! Ugh it’s hard that someone has to lose.. boy it was a tough series wasn’t it? Hugs and thanks so much for entering the Giveaway! Good Luck! xoxo

  24. Love your style and already follow u on Instagram. Happy the Giants won since they beat us in the post season (Pirates!) Praying for your sweet dog!

    1. So sweet of you Kim. Thank you so much! Really appreciate the kind thoughts. Hugs and have a great Halloween! xoxo

    1. So great Amber! I’m thrilled you love it and I’m so happy to have you as a new reader! Good Luck and hugs! Happy Halloween… xoxo

    1. Obvi Meg! ;) So cute… Thanks sweetie and I hope you have a beautiful Halloween with the fam. :) Hugs and Good Luck! xoxo

    1. Thanks Lindsey! Love Pottery Barn for so many reasons too! Thanks for entering and I wish you all the luck! Hugs! xoxo

  25. I would love to visit San Francisco! Thought of taking my hubby to a 49ers game. Beautiful home by the way!

  26. Just love everything you do.. I am new on Instagram .. So happy for your post to help me make and do wonderful thing in my home.. Have a wonderful Halloween night

  27. Ahh a gift card giveaway to one of my favorite stores EVER!!! I wish I was near SF and we could go to their flagship store together! If I won I’m pretty sure I’d save the gift card to buy their amazing Christmas ornaments… I have a tradition of buying everyone in the family a new one every year that reflects them, normally I give AJ a travel themed one, Paris last year. :)
    Thanks for hosting fabulous and talented one! :)

    1. Wish you lived here too Jen… That would be so fun! :) I buy ornaments from PB each year as well. Have a great Sunday sweetie! Going to meet Sita Montgomery at the Niner game today. Her brother lives in the Bay area. :) Hugs! xoxo

  28. Hello Kristy ! I’m one of your early followers and I’m so happy that you have gained so many followers over the last months ! Your house is divine ! I have never shopped at PB before but I would love to ! It looks like a charming store and would love to check it out. Have a lovely weekend !

    1. Hi Karen! I can’t believe you’ve never shopped at PB before! That’s crazy… ;) My hubby would be thrilled. Lol. Have a great Sunday and Good Luck! Winner picked in a few minutes! xoxo

  29. I ❤️ all of your Instagram postings! In this photo, I love the corner chair and the light, bright, and airy feel to the room. I would love to see a night shot with the candles glowing.

  30. I love all of your work!! I get excited everyday to see what new pics you have put on your IG page. &&& I love how Cal seems to show up in there somewhere.

  31. Hi Kristy,

    It’s a small world..I grew up in P~town and now live three towns away. Love your blog. You have great style. I have never been to the Pottery Barn in San Francisco. Is it worth the drive or should I just keep visiting the one in WC???

    1. Hi Rebecca,
      I love the store in WC and feel it is the perfect size. They usually have almost everything I need but my favorite has to be near my sister in Sacramento. It’s the Roseville PB. Another one I love is at Stanford Mall so if you’re ever out that way you may want to check it out. To be honest, it’s been awhile since I’ve been to the one in SF but if you’re in the city you may want to swing by. Not sure I’d go specifically for the store however. Thanks so much for reading my Blog and commenting. It’s so sweet of you and I appreciate all my reader’s input and comments. Happy Monday and hugs from little Ptown . xoxo