5 Tips to Easily Transition to Fall For You And Your Home

5 Tips to Easily Transition to Fall for You and Your Home - Walmart+ Membership Review & so much more.. all of my top tips for autumnal life.

The Fall and Winter seasons are often busy times for everyone and I’m always looking for ways to introduce the new seasons as smoothly and easily as possible. I love that fall is all about entertaining with family and friends in cozy environments! To help deal with the busy factor I’ve pulled together a few of my favorite tips to help you transition to fall for you and your home below! Let me know in the comments what some of your seasonal go-to tips are. :)

#Tip 1: Sign up for Walmart+

My #1 tip has to be utilizing the new membership Walmart launched called Walmart+. There are so many benefits to the membership – from free unlimited deliveries ($35 minimum, some restrictions may apply), to getting member prices on fuel at Walmart and Murphy gas stations, plus using mobile scan & go while shopping in the store! This last perk is SO great, you can check out on your phone while you shop in-store which saves you so much time.

Jeff and I are really enjoying spending less time in stores this year and having our items and products delivered straight to our door. You’re able to get fall decor, holiday gifts, Thanksgiving dinner prep and so much more delivered right to your doorstep. It can save you over 2.5+ hours a week just on shopping time alone. (Savings based on 3 stores per week. Excludes time spent shopping online. $35 min. order. Restrictions apply.) Love this!

5 Tips to Easily Transition to Fall for You and Your Home - Walmart+ Membership Review & so much more.. all of my top tips for autumnal life.

It’s so great that you can pick out any window of time on different days to make delivery easy – here’s a screenshot of my member page showcasing the many options available for me personally.

The best part of Walmart+ has to be the affordability factor of the membership. It’s just $12.95/month or $98/year, meaning, with the annual plan (based on 52 weeks) you only pay $2/week. Click here to sign up for your 15-day free trial! Jeff and I love it and I know you will too.

I rounded up a bunch of my favorite Walmart Fall products (most of which can be delivered directly to your door easily!) below. You’ll find everything from the cutest fall decor to adorable autumnal fashion options linked.

Shop Fall Fashion:

Shop Fall Decor:

Tip #2: Save time by snagging pumpkins & fall decor at the grocery store, too!

Don’t forget about Walmart when it comes to picking up some of your favorite seasonal decor. They carry most everything from naturals like pumpkins, gourds, and bales of hay to faux wreaths, candles, yard signs, and seasonal lights! Usually you can find these items either curbside, in the florist section, or in the seasonal section. I am always shocked about the goodies I can get my hands on for very low prices. I love going to the pumpkin patch as much as the next girl, but sometimes convenience outweighs a day trip away.

5 Tips to Easily Transition to Fall for You and Your Home - Walmart+ Membership Review & so much more.. all of my top tips for autumnal life.

Tip #3: Sweaters too hot in early Fall? Think outside the box!

Fall is one of my favorite times to spring for an off the shoulder sweater or sweater dress paired with sandals! I live for cozy wear but California is often too warm to wear heavy layers so I love introducing my autumn fashion in little ways. There are so many “light” sweater options out there that make life easy while still looking chic and on trend for the season. Also, don’t forget about adding darker floral dresses and tops to share the mood.

Click below to shop:

Tip #4: Introduce Faux Florals

One of the decorating tricks that I use throughout each season is introducing seasonal color through faux florals! It’s not only convenient, but it saves you in the long run – you’re able to save and reuse them year after year and they help fill in some of my fresh garden finds. I fill every vase, jar and space in my home & front porch with as many faux mums, roses, autumn leaf sprays, etc. as I can find. So convenient for the perfect fall flair that I’m always searching for.

People tend to forget about faux florals and how much of an impact they can make on your home.. inside & out!

5 Tips to Easily Transition to Fall for You and Your Home - Walmart+ Membership Review & so much more.. all of my top tips for autumnal life.

Tip #5: Use Affordable Options to Get Yourself in the Fall Sprit

There are so many affordable and easy ways to get yourself in the autumn mood.. one thing I like to do is to utilize my coffee time and switch out my mugs from a summer theme to a fall theme! I also like to do the same thing with wine glasses as well. It’s such an easy way to celebrate the season. Having my morning cup of joe with a sweet fall phrase or pumpkin on it never fails to make me smile.

Another fun thing to do is to switch out your favorite nail color to an autumn/holiday shade – browns, mauves, and rusts are a favorite this year! I love seeing nails with a fall vibe.

Hopefully some of these tips have helped you with your transition from Summer to Fall! There are so many easy ways to celebrate the season in smooth ways during these busy months.


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Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post. As always, all product selections and opinions are my own!


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2 thoughts on “5 Tips to Easily Transition to Fall For You And Your Home

  1. Hi Kristy! Thanks for all the great tips. I agree – Walmart has a really great selection of seasonal decor, fashion and groceries. One transition that I love making as the seasons change is switching out my front door wreath. Creating wreaths by hand has become a newfound hobby over the last six months, so I am very excited to soon create one for this fall! (Monochromatic shades of orange… leaves, berries and mini pumpkins.) I love creating a tailor made wreath to go with my front porch decor!

  2. Dear Kristi,

    I apologize in advance for English, I write via translator, my English is not good enough to write this email. I got to your site because of the design, but in the end I went through it all. I was moved by your story with pregnancy and loss. You write so kindly, openly and humanly.
    I am from the Czech Republic and I am a mother of two children. They are the greatest happiness of my life. Life was very generous to me both in what he gave me and in what I lost. Losses teach us, it hurts, but it teaches us. As if they opened our eyes, at least it offers. The more losses, the more humble I am despite my cheerful and spirited nature.
    Whatever age we can, we can still learn. Your stories, your way of life, your joy and humility made me feel nice. It inspires me to cope with your difficulties, as well as the strength, courage and resilience with which you managed them.
    I wish you and your family a long, happy life, the strength to overcome obstacles and the joy of being.