2018 Spring Wardrobe Essentials

Both Emma and I love to shop a ton, but we don’t necessarily like to dive into every seasonal trend. While we appreciate many of the newer styles or even some of the older revamped looks coming back into play.. we love keeping with the basics  most of all.
Every season has it’s own specific “dress code” that you can’t go wrong with. Call it the classic seasonal style. With spring.. it’s all about jeans, t-shirts, light-colored bags, and more. We have shared some of our favorite styles at different price points for you today to hopefully help you up your classic “spring dress code” game.


#1. Fun Flowy Tees



I know this probably goes without saying because everyone has a t-shirt or two but we love tees that have that little extra flair. Whether it’s a cute sleeve, a little ruffle or tie at the bottom… maybe even a bright print or pattern – it’s the added details that make the difference. Emma prefers a scoop neck while I love a smaller sleeve. The best part is, there is a little tee out there for everyone in all styles and shapes.

We will be discussing more about one of our favorite go to tops, ‘the tee’ in the future on the blog, but for now you can shop some of our recommendations below. Click on images to shop








One of my favorite things to wear during the spring and summer seasons is a really nice pair of white jeans. I must have 5 pairs and love how they look when styled with a flowy top and matching bag. It’s one of those everyday pieces that makes everything appear dressier with it’s clean canvas white tone. I personally think white jeans look best in the skinny jean style or in a bootcut, especially with a higher mule or heel.

Click on the images to see some of my favorite white jeans. 







I love bags of all shapes, sizes, and colors but.. when it comes to spring, keeping things light is priority number one. I’m constantly looking for ways to soften up my look – handbag included. This is a time when my go to black tote gets it’s seasonal rest and I find myself reaching for a white, gray, neutral, blush/pink bag in a newer shape and style. I love a classic Tory Burch in a pastel, but I also like to mix things up with a fun bamboo bag.

Click on the images below to shop some of my new spring favorite bags. 







One of the most important key pieces to a great spring wardrobe is a new swimsuit. Thankfully, everyone is still into the one-piece mode. Both Emma and I love the classic look of a black suit. Black suits go with every cover-up & accessory, and look good on everyone, no matter the shape or size. With an added feminine ruffle or a lace detail, your black suit suddenly appears dressy. I love it’s versatility. Especially when paired with a long matching sarong and mules. I feel like this is a look I can wear almost anywhere.

I’m definitely going to delve deeper into swimsuits and resort wear on the blog soon, but for now you can shop some of my favorite black one-pieces below. Click on each item to shop. 






You know how much I love having touches of blush in my home… I also happen to love the color in my closet too. I recently bought a few new pairs of blush shoes and find that they have become my favorite go to accessory. Blush has become my new neutral. It’s tone is soft and pretty and looks amazing with every color it’s paired with. Below are a few statement and everyday shoes that I think you will love..

Click on each photo to shop the shoes. 




We have loved sharing a few of our favorite spring st with all of you.. Let us know if you find yourself reaching for the lighter, softer tones when it comes to your springtime wardrobe… It’s amazing how much of an influence the warmer weather and the sun has on what we choose to wear!

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Kristy & Emma


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