What’s my #1Garden ‘Must Have’?

What’s my No.1 garden must have?

https://kristywicks.comWhat’s the No.1 item I know I’ll buy every summer? I’ll give you a hint…  
It ‘s dark, comes in a variety of shapes and costs $2 a bag on sale.

The ALL too exciting ~

MULCH! (yes really!)  :)

https://kristywicks.comhttps://kristywicks.comWith summer comes heat.
The San Francisco Bay area is in a serious drought situation this year and because of this we are always trying to think of ways to conserve water yet still want to keep our yards looking beautiful.

 3 things that mulch can do to keep your yard looking better than your neighbor’s for less than $3 a bag~

1. Helps the ground maintain moisture
2. keeps your yard weed free
3. Sets off flowers and plants beautifully which gives the yard that ‘pulled together’ look.  

I’m a huge fan of the black mulch for that very reason.

The color of the flowers just pop!

You can buy mulch at a local garden supply store in bulk and then wheelbarrel it to your garden area if you have a large yard or you can grab the 2 cubic ft. bags at any local Home Depot or Lowe’s. 

https://kristywicks.comHelpful Tips for Laying Mulch?

~Keep the mulch back from the base of the plant just a few inches to allow the plant a little breathing room
~use gloves and a rake for spreading so you don’t get any splinters


https://kristywicks.comhttps://kristywicks.comhttps://kristywicks.com Enjoy your garden this summer and remember that laying mulch provides so many beautiful benefits.

Who would have thought that something that looks like dirt could be so incredible and become an all time favorite garden aid?!



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6 thoughts on “What’s my #1Garden ‘Must Have’?

  1. We use the black mulch, too! Love it. I agree with you…flowers and plants just pop against it. A little more dramatic look! I am praying for rain!! My garden sure would be happy. We’ve been cutting way back but it’s hard to do. Cute dress Kristy!

    1. Thanks Allison! Love the stuff… :) This drought is horrible and I just switched my back yard out! UGH! Lol. You’re so sweet! xoxo

  2. The grounds at our last house were so large we had it delivered by dump truck! … and our cats thought we did all that just for them. Yeah. So love the look, lots, but it’ll be a bit before we are mulch-y around here again. (like after they pass). lol!! The yard looks beautiful and it does add SO MUCH to a garden and landscaping. Nothing finishes it off like fresh mulch. Plus, the other benefits you mentioned as well. Happy Summer!!

    1. That’s a lot of mulch Shannon! I bet your cats were thrilled! ;) So nice having it all delivered though isn’t it? We did that a couple of years ago and it was definitely convenient! Hope you are having a nice day up north! It’s finally cooled just a bit so we don’t need the AC. Yay! :) xo