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15 Healthy Lunch Ideas (From all of you!)

5 Healthy Feel-Good Snacks.

One of the biggest things I struggle with every day is what to eat for lunch. I tend to fall back on my 2-3 favorites and rotate them all the time. As much as I enjoy these options.. I definitely find myself getting bored with the same flavors and ingredients. That’s why I reached out to you guys via Instagram Stories for new creative healthy lunch ideas.

Wow – talk about opening pandora’s box! I got hundreds of messages from people who said they felt the same way & had lots of delicious and healthy lunch ideas to share. I figured if we collaborated together to share all of our favorite dishes… then maybe we’ll have enough options to get us through the month.

I’ll be listing 15 healthy lunch ideas that you shared below. (Keep in mind – I don’t have the detailed recipes for each meal but at least these are jumping off points!) Btw – this is a very casual post, I just wrote down what you guys sent to me in DMs. This article is definitely not winning awards anytime soon. ;)

15 Healthy Lunch Ideas - Tons of yummy and easy things to make during the week & weekend! We rounded up our favorite items.

Healthy Lunch Ideas

1.“Throw together Quick 1-minute brown rice/quinoa blend.. then head up shelled edamame (frozen). Put the rice in a bowl & top with greens, chopped veggies (prep chopped veggies and keep them in fridge during the week), edamame, and add a bit of light dressing (olive oil & vinegar or store-bought dressing). Like a fancy power bowl with less fuss!”

2. “Tuna salad on lettuce wraps or a salad of cucumber, tomato, and avocado with balsamic vinegar with cottage cheese on the side (or greek yogurt).”

3. “Chia pudding with frozen wild blueberries (more nutritious), sliced bananas, almonds, walnuts.. some days I’ll add sliced apples or pears. Pears detox liver & they are very high in fiber. Chia pudding is made with coconut milk. I use sugar-free organic. Chia seeds are very high in protein. Some days I add all of these ingredients to a small amount of oatmeal. Sunflower seeds too!”

15 Healthy Lunch Ideas - Tons of yummy and easy things to make during the week & weekend! We rounded up our favorite items.

4. “I love prepping spaghetti squash for the week. I cook one whole spaghetti squash cut in half in the oven for 40 mins. Then scoop out the cooked insides into 4 pieces of tupperware. Add Rao’s tomato basil marinara, Open Nature 100% beef meatballs, and add a dash of parmesan cheese to each. Throw them in the fridge and heat up when you’re ready. So easy and makes four delish low-carb meals!”

5. “Do you have an air fryer? I just made lunch while I worked out. I put grilled chicken in the air fryer & walked away for 20 mins. And boom! Crispy grilled chicken – no oil or breading but none the less amazing. Place on top of salad kit from Trader Joe’s. Delicious!”

6. “This sounds gross but I promise you it’s delicious! One can of flaked white tuna, can of peas, add arugula, Renee’s Cucumber and Dill dressing, and hot sauce. Fills me up til dinner!”

15 Healthy Lunch Ideas - Tons of yummy and easy things to make during the week & weekend! We rounded up our favorite items.

7. “Two pieces of multi-grain toast, almond butter, honey and banana. Trader Joe’s also has peanut butter with ground flax seed and chai.”

8. “Chickpea Salad! Can of Goya chickpeas, crush some and leave some whole. Then add whatever you like. I add chopped onion, dill pickle, carrots, garlic powder, 2 tbs of hummus or mayo, mix together and store it up to 5 days. I double this recipe and place it on any kind of lettuces.”

9. “2 rice cakes (can be plain or flavored) with either sliced avocado or light-cream cheese (or you can put them together) and add whatever you want! Often times I add sliced tomato, onion, grilled chicken, half an egg, everything but the bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s, and hot sauce of some sort. I love Crystal hot sauce or Sriracha.”

10. “Eggwhite tacos with almond flour tortillas, fresh pico de gallo and avocado slices. Everything is at whole foods. Super easy & quick with no guilt. Lots of protein!”

11. “Easy taco salad! Grab lean ground turkey & cook it on the stovetop with onion. When cooked, add a packet of taco seasoning. In a separate bowl, use a bag of mixed lettuce – add the turkey mixture, add catalina dressing, avocado and some tortilla chips for crunch. So good!”

12. “Make your own flat bread! Get Naan bread from any grocery store (Trader Joe’s has them) and grab ingredients you want.. BBQ chicken flatbread is great with sliced onion, rotisserie chicken, bbq sauce, & arugala. Whatever you have in the fridge. Throw it in the oven for 10 mins & get a flatbread.”

13. “Healthy chicken tacos. Take rotisserie chicken from your favorite store and shred it. Add lime juice. Get 2-3 avocados. 2 cucumbers, cut in small pieces. Mince cilantro. 1 quarter cup minced onion. Get tomato & cut in small pieces. Salt & pepper. 1 Serrano chili – in a separate bowl.. mash the avocados and add Serrano chili, half a lime, tomato and onions (make a guacamole like mixture). Add the guacamole to the shredded chicken and mix. Add all other ingredients. Wrap in lettuce for a healthy taco!”

14. “Egg, avocado, and pesto bagel sandwich. Saw this idea on a blog & it’s so good! Add arugala, havarti cheese, avocado, and make a fluffy egg for this sandwich. Instead of a large bagel, use a bagel thin! Use whatever sauce you’d like.”

15. “Quick make your own bowl using these 3 staples: frozen brown rice, black beans, and rotisserie chicken (if you are a veggie – then just add extra vegetables!) Throw in whatever veggies you have on hand & a light dressing & hot sauce.”

Thank you guys so much for all of your wonderful ideas… there were so many more than just these 15 healthy lunch ideas. Maybe we’ll have to do a part 2. ;) Let us know in the comments if we missed your favorite & please let us know what they are below!

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  1. Hey chickie
    K i think i sent u the avocado 🥑, TOMATOES 🍅 Some onion 🧅, CUCUMBER, celery (all chopped) +ITALIAN dressing (or BASALMic Dressing of Some sort) refreshing an if Your belly needs more.. Add sea bass (grilled), tuna fish 🐟 , hard boiled eggs 🥚 or ROTISSERIE chicken 🍗 -any One or all can be added to the salad. all can be prepped ahead of time For the week! Like i said i am prettY sure this is what i sent u loL 😂.. been 24 hrs sheesh My mind is mush!!

  2. Thank you for these great meal ideas!
    I was just wishing for some low caRb meals. These sound deliCious.
    Follow you all the time. Former TWA F/A

  3. Thank you so much for listing these. Ill be Starting with one of these this week and maybe try some others too. So many yummy ideas. Love the low carb versions

  4. Kristy,
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. So many great ideas. I can hardly wait to try some of them. ❤️