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Introducing Our New Santa Barbara Home

A little kiss in front of the church we were married at in Santa Barbara in 1988

If you’ve been following along on Instagram you know we found our new house in Santa Barbara! Jeff’s face said it all when he first saw the ocean view – we found what we were looking for. We are so excited to put our stamp on this property. Let me show you around and let you in on all of our plans.

Front Garden & Entry

Front entry to our new home
Front garden update and renovate
Garage and driveway

Our new home is a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1950’s ranch style in the Riviera area of Santa Barbara. The front of the home is more secluded which gives us lots of options for our front door as well as added windows that allow light in without having to worry about privacy. My first project will be to paint the house white. No surprise there I’m sure. ;) Down the line I plan to swap the small square windows above the garage (in my bedroom) to larger windows and I’d also like to add black shutters. I may rearrange the windows in the guest room (the large window on the corner pictured above) as well. Lots of fun changes!

The current front and side garden has a large hedge perimeter that includes a variety of greenery for privacy and other tropical plants throughout. I prefer more of an English garden so I will slowly transition that as well. I do love the rock retaining walls and can’t wait to plant more flowers and hedges in those spaces too.

Read more about my garden style, favorite plants & flowers and my past front garden.

Living Room

Livingroom with fireplace and matching bookshelves on either side
Living room view from back corner high ceilings, white beams
Living Room with view to yard

I love the layout of this front living room. Everything from the high ceilings, beams and steps to the backyard speak to me! I plan on redoing the fireplace to something similar to the one in my current home. I’m also planning to narrow the bookshelves and taking them all the way up to the ceiling. I’ll also add cabinets below for storage. Moving over to the slider I would eventually like to switch out the large slider to either large folding doors or something a little more open. What do you think?


open concept kitchen

kitchen window view to ocean

bright open kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of our home so it’s going to be the first major renovation that we tackle. Our contractor said that we should be able to bump the ceilings up a foot and a half which will help open the space. We’re also having an architect come by this week to see if we can push the wall with the window on it back a few more feet to add more square footage. We will move the fridge to the opposite wall where the narrow pantry/cabinet currently sits. When all is said and done I plan to have the layout of this kitchen mirror our current home. (I love our kitchen layout enough to duplicate it!) We are planning to have custom cabinets built that will go all the way to the ceiling vs this look. I’ll also be switching out the small window for a larger window to allow for more light and that beautiful view. I’m also including a similar style hutch like the one in my current kitchen on the back wall for dishes and serveware. I love having a glass piece anchoring the opposite wall. Not only will it house my favorite dishes but it will also provide added light and storage.

Read more about our Pleasanton kitchen here :)

Backyard & Deck

front deck with view of oak trees
buffalo grass and back deck
Back deck looking over santa barbara

The best part of this home is the incredible view. I can’t wait to spend warm nights entertaining friends on this deck! We do plan on expanding this deck to the full length of the house so it’s accessible from our bedroom and the guest room. The windows will be switched out to french doors to allow for access to the back and more light. I love french doors in a bedroom.

Another added bonus to this house is that the area beneath it was made for storage, this will be great for all of my Christmas decorations. ;)

One area that is not pictured is a large flat side yard that sits to the right of the house. This open space is large enough for a pool or even a large formal garden. Jeff would love to have a few vegetable beds that he can use for cooking. It’s a completely blank canvas right now, let me know if you have any other thoughts on what we should add!

side yard storage shed

Our Bedroom

Ocean view from master bedroom window
Main bedroom high ceilings exposed beams
Grand bath simple and elegant

A light bright bedroom is so important to me! This bedroom is large and I love the ceiling detail. Also, having so many windows is a huge bonus. Once the deck is expanded the large windows will become french doors. We will have to get creative with closet space as there is no closet in this room. (please share any advise you have!) The bath is smaller than most, but like any home buying experience you have to have give and take, and we don’t mind this trade-off.. plus, with the right contractor and design team we might be able to find some room! Otherwise the room is a good size, the only changes I plan on making are cosmetic. Floors, paint and new closet system.

Guest Room

Guest room with 2 corner windows and closet

Here’s the guest room! I plan on changing the window arrangement but I’m not sure how, possibly framing the bed on either side? Please share any suggestions you might have :)

Jeff’s Office

bright & airy Office with one window

I’m so excited for Jeff, he is finally going to have an office with a view! Something he’s always wanted. :) Eventually we’ll change this small window out for a large door of some sort so he can enjoy an even bigger view.

Ocean view from back deck

I hope you found our new house in Santa Barbara to be as charming as we do. I can’t wait to wish you all a good morning with this gorgeous view in the background! Thank you all for joining me on this journey and sharing your advise. This community has brought me so much and pushed me to become more than I ever imagined. I wouldn’t be here without all of you so thank you!

xoxo, Kristy


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90 thoughts on “Introducing Our New Santa Barbara Home

  1. Yay, you two found an amazing house! Knowing from stories Jeff loves to cook, my idea is for the larger window(s) you will be inserting to enhance the view. There are wonderful window designs that you can use as a “pass through” to the deck. You could even put a narrow counter out there; with or without stools underneath it. Whatever you decide with your Architect for these changes for your new home, it will be amazing. In addition to a gorgeous daytime view, the city lights below will be amazing, too!! Good luck with the move!

  2. I am so happy for you and your family! Excited to see how you make this house your HOME. Watch you everyday on Instagram.

  3. Good things happen to good people.
    So very happy for you and Jeff.
    Looking forward to seeing it all come together. Congratulations!

  4. So excited for you and Jeff! It will be so fun to see you settle into your new lives in Santa Barbara, as well as watch you work your interior design/renovation magic! 🥰🥰

    1. Already, you guys have done some remarkable renovations . It’s amazing what paint and greenery can do to a space . I’m so excited for you and look forward to seeing all the changes you make. It is beginning to look much like your former home, which was so beautiful – love the white and what you did to the staircase.
      In Emma’s room 😉, for now, maybe position the bed in the corner . I’ve seen it done in smaller rooms and makes it easier to make the bed 😊 Enjoy every minute ;)

  5. I love love your current house in Plesonton. That’s my dream home. I can’t wait to see how you and Jeff transform your new home in St. Barbara.

  6. Love this home so perfect for you two – and I understand your move after being able to visit Santa Barbara this past April. Such a unique majestic area and it has so much deep rooted meaning and memories for both of you. I will be here watching❤️

  7. Love the house. It will look so good with your stamp on it. I’m sad you’re losing your walk-in closet though 😞. Is there anyway to add a walk-in closet on the opposite wall from the windows in the bedroom? And maybe push out the window wall to give more space (overlapping into the new deck area)?

  8. So excited that we can all live through you two doing your renovation of your beautiful home in Santa Barbara! It’s absolutely gorgeous with that view too! Can’t wait to see all you all do!

  9. Love the house you all chose, can’t wait to see all the updates you do, I love your other house so much!! ❤️❤️

  10. Have you thought about moving the kitchen to the family room to create a bigger space?

    How do you access the garage? Are their stairs in the home coming from the garage?

    The view is beautiful. You will love this!

  11. I think you should add a pool. Either on the right hand side of the house or behind the house down the walking path on the lower level. If you put it there you would have a great view of the ocean. A pool would help with Jeff’s back. I have one for my back (have scoliosis) and I use it all summer.

  12. Wow it looks amazing congrats!!! I can’t wait to see all the personal touches especially the kitchen and garden!!!

  13. I am so happy for you guys!. You deserve to be happy in this new chapter of your life. Grandkids are going to enjoy this beautiful house. Are you planing to build an small swimming pool (rectangular maybe?) it would be a great. Or build a jacuzzi surrounded of a beautiful English garden? Congratulations and enjoy your new life in SB!!!

  14. The view is everything!!! I can’t get over it. It’s so true about location far more important. You can always change the home, but if you don’t like the location, you’re stuck.

  15. It’s beautiful and I can’t wait to see how you make it your own! Maybe you can extend the master bedroom out and connect it to the deck with a side slider to increase the size of the room and closet/storage space??

  16. I love your new home and the view is spectacular!! Looking so forward to seeing all the changes you make to your new home! Wishing you and Jeff many years of happiness there!!

  17. Your home is beautiful. And I can only imagine how stunning it will be when you put your personal touches to it. And the view….what great memories will be made on that deck.

    I live just up the road in Cambria. We absolutely love it here.

    Sending you and your family lots of good wishes for your upcoming adventure.

    Reneé 🌹❤️🌹

  18. What a view!!! Spectacular!!! Wishing you best wishes on your new adventure . Looking forward to following and watching this plan come to life .
    No doubt in my mind it will simply be stunning.

  19. You can do
    Your white quartz countertops in the kitchen now!! We used a very pretty white quartz in our recent build and in the master bath too. It stays glossy and no hazes! ( We had marble in our last build) Can’t wait to see what you do with the beautiful canvas and view🙌🏼

  20. Could this be your “forever home” and it may turn out to be just that? You could grow old there and not have to worry about climbing stairs!

  21. Love the view and some great ideas roaming around in your head. Looks like it will be a big reno hopefully not too terrible to live through. I personally will miss your beautiful garden chats but have every faith one day we will listen to you chat from an equally charming garden. Enjoy the journey the view is waiting for you to make the house worthy of you and chef Jeff

  22. Stunning location.your new house will become a beautiful serene home in no time. Congrats.

  23. I love it but I will love it more once you make it your own because our styles are very similar. You speak of the small bathroom but I don’t think it’s bad. A thought though….have you ever thought of adding an outside shower? We have outside showers at all the beach houses here in NC. An outside shower can be so refreshing.

  24. Wonder if you could build a wall parallel to the Master Bd room window wall and put your bed on the front side to wake up to the view and a closet system behind it.

  25. So excited for you, Jeff & Maggie and the new home adventure. From all the way in Georgia, I’m looking forward to vicariously living your renovation and that gorgeous view. Congrats!

  26. The house is absolutely breathtaking, I am looking forward to see the changes you plan on making. Congratulations on your exciting move and Reno project.


  27. It looks like a lovely house. I am sure it will be even more beautiful with your special touches. My Daughter and I agreed that we will miss your sweet home. But look forward to seeing what comes next. Best wishes!

  28. Love the new place! A coworker turned me on to your page and it just really is so fresh and sweet!!

  29. Kristy…my daughter suggested I follow you on Instagram and she and I so enjoy commenting to each other on your grace, thoughtful ideas, generosity (candles and such as a giving project), Jeff’s recipes, Emma’s contributions, and who can forget Maggie, dear Maggie! Also, as you described your upcoming trip east and your brother’s university, all I can say is, “Go Hokies”. Two of my four kids graduated from VT and two of my kid’s spouses graduated from VT and one of my 12 grandsons, (eight grandsons and four granddaughters), is studying there now. Yay!
    Now as to your style, my daughter and I are fans. I/we look forward to all the fun, and work over the next year, and most likely more, as you renovate and, thus bring life and joy into this home. The VIEW…ah, the VIEW…what more can be said. What a tremendous blessing to look out upon one of GOD’s greatest creative wonders…the Pacific Ocean.
    So…here you go!! If I have suggestions…I’ll be bold and share. So far, I buy into your thoughts and ideas. Thank you for sharing your life and Jeff’s, as well, with us. We’re fans for sure!! Blessings and Best, Kathryn

  30. I love your current home and so excited to follow you on your journey to make your new home more you!

  31. It’s so much fun being part of your IG family! How exciting to watch the progress you will make on your new home. I love your style & the view is breathtaking! Congratulations on this new phase of life for you & Jeff!

  32. Hello, I love Santa Barbara too! I have asked this question a few times throughout your blogs but have had no reply so hoping this time will be better. :) I’m trying to choose a new floor as we’ve had a restoration (faucet leak). With shipping issues it’s been delayed like crazy. I love the look of your Pravada Chateau blanc tone floors and I could get those quicker but I’d like to ask…will you be re- doing new home with same floors & shade? Pros and cons? Thanks so much in advance. 😊

    1. Hi Lana, I have loved these floors but plan to go with something different for the next house. Probably a little lighter? They’ve held up well and we haven’t had any issues with them at all. Good Luck! I’ll vbe in the same ordering boat as you soon..

  33. The folding doors are great. I have friends who have them and they fold them back and the indoors become outdoors. Perfect for Santa Barbara weather.

  34. Oh my goodness the view! Congratulations to you and Jeff! I can’t wait to see how you make this your home!

  35. Have you thought about adding a second story. Is there room for a staircase? You could have that closet in the master and much more!
    I’m sure whatever you do, it will be lovely!

  36. The house is gorgeous and that view is unbelievably spectacular! It’s going to be so fun to see how you implement your ideas and make this beautiful home your very own. So very happy for you and Jeff!

  37. Love everything about it and can’t wait to see how will you transform this house.
    About the closet, what do you think about something similar that @jennasuedesign did in hers? Entire wall beautifully customized to your needs.

  38. Looking forward to joining you both on this exciting new home 🏡 journey. With your taste and style it will look amazing. This area View and weather almost wants me to emigrate from here in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  39. Hi Kristy, Hi Jeff,

    What a wonderful and Perfect Home for you! This house is amazing and I am sure it will become the Kristy/Jeff touch, which I love! And the view is outstanding! You are lucky and I am so happy for you! Kisses from Zurich, Brita💋💜

  40. I love it! The view is spectacular! I can’t wait to see all your ideas come to fruition! It is so exciting. I live in Georgia but have been to Santa Barbara a couple of times. It is so pretty! I have a brother that lives in Long Beach. Best of luck with all of your projects. Thanks for taking us along. It is so fun to watch! Happy Summer!

  41. I am so exicted to see the renovation you make. It’ll be so beautiful. I think you said you were going to paint the house white. Do you plan on doing anything to the landscaping in the front? Are you going to leave the tall hedges that are along the street or do you envision something different?

  42. Your ideas are amazing , Cannot wait to see it all done .I loved your old home as well , Cannot wait to be on this journey with you guys :)

  43. You two are soooo adorable it’s wonderful you can make this beautiful home even more so with your great ideas. Congratulations it is gorgeous !!!

  44. Kristy I am so excited for you and Jeff. Your new home is beautiful and that view!!! Can’t wait to follow along and see all the changes you talked about in your blog post. XO

  45. Congratulations on your new journey. I am looking forward to following along and watching you Jeff and Maggie work your magic. God Bless.

  46. I’m in love with your new home and the ideas you have to make it yours and Jeff’s. Happy home reno Kristy!!

  47. I am so excited to watch you new house blossom into your beautiful home. If the Master Bathroom is on the other side of those fake closets, I would take some footage from your bedroom (you don’t need a huge bedroom) and make a walk in closet that is like a hallway to the bathroom.

  48. What a beautiful property! Looking forward to seeing all of the changes you plan on making!

  49. This home is beautiful and you truly can’t beat that view! Can’t wait to follow along on this new chapter for y’all! Congrats!

  50. What a stunning home! Can’t wait to see your renovations! Thankyou for sharing your journey has become a inspiration in my life! Love you guys! Love Lyn

  51. Hi Kristy,
    Congratulations to you, and Jeff‼️
    Your new home is perfect, I can’t wait to see what it’ll be when you’re done with the renovations😊
    Santa Barbara is absolutely heaven on earth!! I lived there in the late 80’s, and miss it to this day!!
    It’s been so fun to go on this journey with you, thank you for sharing it with your followers😊
    Looking forward to seeing what I’m positive will be a stunning transformation of an already beautiful home!
    Wishing you many years filled with beautiful memories in your new home🌸🌸

  52. So exciting!
    Looking forward to following your progress as you personalize this sweet home!
    I have lived in Santa Barbara off and on my whole life – My husband and I are both from Montecito – Before starting with Virgin I was the in-house wedding coordinator at the Fess Parker resort – You are going to love Santa Barbara!
    Lisa Kieswetter

  53. So excited with you and Jeff!! What a stunning view you can enjoy in the future. Looking forward to see the end result of your beautiful home in Santa Barbara!!

  54. Wow! It’s beautiful and the view is spectacular! So happy y’all were able to make this move… my husband and I just bought a Florida beach condo and though I don’t have to do any structural work, I look forward to design and decor like you!! That’s the fun part of being empty nesters haha! Much love and luCGK with your new home and I will continue to look forward to your new posts 💕

  55. I love all you have done with your current home, so I can’t wait to all you do with this new property! The views are spectacular! It will be so fun to go with on this transformation!

  56. So excited for you and can’t wait to see you work your magic. That view is so beautiful–I’d just sit there all day and not get anything done :)

  57. Hi, Kristy
    I am so looking forward to what you have planned for your new home.
    You have exquisite taste in design & it will absolutely reflect that.
    You’re leaving a lovely home for an exciting & beautiful new experience.
    So happy to be sharing your journey.
    Stay safe!

  58. Beautiful home! Thank you for letting us come along for the ride while you renovate. So happy for you both!

  59. I have never been so excited to follow someone through home buying and renovation as I have been with you guys. I am so excited to see how you will transform the house into your dream home.

  60. Thank you for emailing me this since I don’t have Instagram. I love your sweet darling home, and I can’t wait to see what you two do to it. The view is spectacular and I love the ceilings. Thanks for bringing us all along on this new journey in your lives.

  61. Kristy, everything you want to do sounds wonderful! I love your style and light colors that you prefer. You and Jeff are such a pleasure to follow and the two of you always make me smile! Of course Maggie is just the BEST 🐶🥰

  62. Great ideas Kristy on changes. Love the view! You will make it beautiful with your visionary talent.

  63. I hope you get that same Lily light fixture. I love m8ne and it goes perfectly with your table!
    Can’t wait to see everything!
    So exciting for Maggie too.

  64. Beautiful! Can’t wait to see you out your beautiful touches on such a lovely home.
    Just love your style☺️

  65. Hi Kristy💕
    Just saw all the pictures of your new home and read all about your ideas!! So excited to see the transformation! You’ve got amazing taste!
    Julio and I live on the beach and we have a gorgeous view of the ocean; you and Jeff will enjoy your view so much!!! So happy for you both🥰

    1. Love Jeff’s Lemon drop recipe! Congrats to Emma and her fiancé! Also- to Jeff and you for the Santa Barbara move! Can’t wait to see more! Sending a shout out from Carmel Ca!

  66. Hi, The view is so magnificent & the house has great potential. You make great choices & can’t wait to see the finished outcome. I can only imagine you working with Robert Norris!!!! Too bad he is geographically distanced from all of us. Good Luck!!!N

  67. So excited for one amazing and inspiring couple. Can’t wait to see your “stamp” on this! So much fun to follow along. Love to you, 💞

  68. Great new home….so much you can do with it!! I look forward to going on your renovation journey with you! I, too, an in the middle of updating and renovating my new home and garden. I like your style, so I hope to draw more inspiration (and motivation) from your posts. Your current home and garden has given me creative ideas already! :) Keep up your fabulous insta and blogs!! :)

  69. Darling Kristy,
    All I know is both you and Jeff (and Maggie of course), are going to be so happy in your new home!!!! It’s gorgeous!!! You have the best taste, so there’s no doubt, it’s going to be even more spectacular!!!
    Sending you love from my home to yours❤️

  70. Dear Kristy & Jeff Best of luck to you in your beautiful Santa Barbara home. I started following you just before you moved into your Pleasanton Home. Looking forward to seeing the transformation of your new home. I really love your style! Patti M

  71. So excited for you guys! Already, you have made your house your home in such a beautiful way! I’m watching and cheering you on! Your choices are always the right ones. You’ve got great vision!

  72. I find myself waking up and watching daily the progress you are making on the house. The transformation is amazing to watch. The grass just transformed the section of the yard. I love what you are doing in the yard. I also love white paint and it updates and makes the house bright. I also watch the Bachelor shows each week and invite friends for the finale show. Congratulations on your new home.

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