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2018 Healthy Lifestyle ~ Kristy Wicks. 2018 is the year that I am determined to be healthy. I find that when I’m working out routinely, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep… I look and feel my best. I pride myself on being a structured and organized person but for some reason, when it has come to my personal well-being lately, I have let myself go. In my previous job as a flight attendant, I walked miles and miles every day. As a blogger, I tend to sit on the computer or my phone and as a result I have become a little sluggish. I made a pact with my husband and daughter to do as much as I can to break the bad habits this year and I am soooo excited! Check out all the changes I’m making below and see what tips and tricks I find are helping me along the way.

Workout Gear That I Use ~

I have specific gear that I use on an almost daily basis. These are things I think are staples for anyone who wants to get fit and workout –

  • Yoga Mat – I bring one to the gym to use for my Pilates/Yoga classes as well as stretching in front of the mirror. I have a couple of different mats for different occasions. I keep one in the car at all times. Click here for my adorable Yoga Zeal mat and click here for a cute beginners mat.
  • Workout Bag – Everyone needs a gym bag.. and there are so many cute options out there it’s hard to pick just one! Click here and here for some great options.
  • Fitness Tracker – It’s so nice to track your heart rate/or to see how many calories you burned during your workout. Click here for the Fitbit that both Emma and I have and love. (It’s rose gold!!) or click here for a Fitbit that is 10% off.
  • Headphones – I’m not a fan of the headphones that Apple gives with the iPhone for working out. Instead I like to use wireless sport headphones that don’t hurt/fall out of my ears when I’m doing cardio. Click here for a pair that I love (+ they are 10% 0ff!)
  • Water Bottle/Tumbler – You need a good water bottle.. especially one that can handle the elements. I love using this one from Hydroflask because it’s so durable.
  • Foam Roller – After you work out it is so important to stretch out, and using a foam roller to do it “hurts so good” ;). Click here for the one that I have.
  • Skipping Rope/Jump Rope – I love when I do a circuit that has me jumping rope. You can find one on Amazon for around $7!

How am I going to tackle all my healthy goals?
I’m going to break it down into a few different sections with helpful tips.

To begin this healthy lifestyle, Emma and I hit Old Navy so that I can have new workout wear in my current size without breaking the bank. There is nothing like approaching the gym after a long break with cute yoga pants on. I’m always happiest when I wear something new vs. an ratty t-shirt. If you want to lose weight/go down in size then I would recommend buying inexpensive workout wear on sale. Even if you don’t look exactly like you want to yet, you should still treat yourself. We all deserve it just for starting this journey alone. At the end of this post, I’ll show you a few different items I bought (super casual photos by the way..I’m no model). It’s also really important to buy a good pair of running shoes/trainers that fit you correctly. Plus – getting a new pair always makes me happy. Click here to see the new Nike trainers I just bought. (Love the color!)

** This is not a sponsored post but this post does contain affiliate links

2018 Healthy Lifestyle ~ Kristy Wicks2018 Healthy Lifestyle ~ Kristy Wicks.

Quick tips to get yourself started ~

  • Buy new workout wear (On sale!)
  • Call your doctor/dentist for your check ups for the year. Everyone should know their cholesterol level (I did my first test when I was 21), their blood pressure, and their weight. I always schedule all my Doctors appointments for the new year in January.
  • Get your sleep schedule in check. When I’m getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night, I am so much happier and productive at everything I do. To help myself sleep better I cut all caffeine after 3pm, eat dinner as early as possible, and try and get upstairs to my bedroom by 8pm so I can shower/read/relax before bed. Going upstairs and getting in bed helps me fall asleep so much earlier instead of being downstairs parked in front of the T.V.
  • Try and get rid of as much junk food from the house that is going to deter you from your goal. Nothing against having a cheat from healthy eating every once in a while, however I don’t think it’s helpful when junk food is at your fingertips all the time. You should have to work for it and drive all the way to the store ;) Most of the time if I don’t have sweets I don’t crave them nearly as much.
  • Get a planner devoted to your healthy lifestyle that you carry with you all the time. It can act as a food journal, fitness journal and more. I also download MyFitnessPal as an app that is similar, but I think it’s important to write it down physically to be accountable. Click here for Blogilates’ 12-week Fit Journal. It can fit in your purse and it’s so cute! Click here for one that you can purchase on Amazon (and isn’t as girly).
  • Follow motivational instagrammers. As soon as you open up IG in the morning and see women and men looking and feeling great, it motivates you for the rest of the day. I just started following: Blogilates, ToneItUp, Kayla Itsines, and more! Whoever you love and can relate to is who you should follow..

Food Tips ~

I’ll go more detail on what I eat for each meal in the near future but for now I’ll just add some helpful tips with food that I find useful.

  • Eat breakfast every day. Not only does eating breakfast make me feel more energized, but it sets the tone for the rest of the day. Beginning my morning with a healthy breakfast is key. I eat less throughout the day because of it. For breakfast one of my favorite things to eat is a greek yogurt (make sure it’s low in sugar) with almonds and fresh fruit on top. Another is a 1-2 scrambled eggs with avocado, sliced tomatoes and a little pepper on top. I like quick and easy for the morning because I’m tired. I also like to keep hard boiled eggs in the fridge for the mornings that I don’t want to cook anything at all.
  • Drink coffee or tea each morning. It kick starts you day, and researchers have found that your workouts are more productive when you’ve had caffeine beforehand. Click here to learn more about that. It also suppresses my appetite so I don’t binge on snacks throughout the day.
  • Keep almonds/cashews/protein bars in your purse. The protein helps keep you going after breakfast and when I’m out and about this helps me stave off binging on something unhealthy when I’m starving.
  • Cut out unhealthy breads as much as possible. I don’t think you have to cut bread out entirely, but you will probably notice a difference in your weight/figure if you get your carbs a healthier way. To keep up with your carb intake you can eat more non-fat beans or eat steel-cut oatmeal.
  • Keep fresh veggies pre-cut in your fridge and bags of fruit in the freezer. On-the go snacks or for lunch/dinner!
  • If you go out for lunch or dinner, share a meal with your partner to eat less. If you are eating alone, make sure to take home half if you order a full meal (or just order a half-size meal).

Workout Tips ~

  • Take the stairs. If you can, try to utilize the stairs wherever you are. Live in an apartment building? Try to always walk up to your floor. At the mall? Try to avoid the elevator/escalator and go out of your way to use the stairs.
  • Hit the gym as much as possible. You don’t have to get crazed.. but at least 3-4x a week. The weekend is a good time for this. 30 minutes is better than nothing!
  • If you don’t belong to a gym, don’t make that your excuse. There are great workouts on YouTube and even on your cable channels. Click here and here for some great videos to start.
  • Get a good mix of cardio/weights. Yes, even women should lift weights. I know it can be intimidating walking into the weight room at the gym but everyone has to start sometime. If you don’t know how to use the machines, just ask a trainer/anyone around you. Believe me, everyone has been there where they don’t know how to work a machine. Getting a good mix of cardio is important for weight loss and getting your heart rate up.
  • Workout with a buddy. If you can, meet someone at the gym. In January, it will probably be easier getting someone to head to the gym with you because so many are back on the fitness bandwagon. Having a partner helps keep you accountable. I like to workout alone a lot, but I always send a pic to Emma/Jeff of me at the gym to check in! ;)
  • Mix up your routine. If your gym offers classes – take advantage and try something new. If you’ve never taken a dance class before, why not try it? Heck, you might even want to start taking up a whole new sport altogether, as this can be a refreshing way to stay active and fit. For anyone that is intruiged by this suggestion, you might want to try and find tennis lessons near las vegas, as tennis could become a new passion of yours if you give it enough time and dedication. I’m planning on trying a new Barre class at my gym soon.
  • Ask your gym if they have a special for training sessions. Often times in January/February/March when people begin working out again, the gyms take advantage and offer discounts to get people to sign up. Also ask specific trainers that you enjoy if they have any home programs or workout sessions outside of your gym. It’s usually cheaper.

Below are just a few of the pieces that I purchased from Old Navy to help motivate me..

2018 Healthy Lifestyle ~ Kristy Wicks.2018 Healthy Lifestyle ~ Kristy Wicks.Top: Old Navy (Just $12!) | Yoga Pants: Old Navy | Fit Bit: Nordstrom | Shoes: Nike

2018 Healthy Lifestyle ~ Kristy Wicks.Top: Old Navy | Yoga Pants: Old Navy

Click here to see everything we bought for our new healthy lifestyle (plus cute items on sale!!)

I’m looking forward to seeing the results of all the changes that I’m making to my daily routine. One thing I do know? It’s going to feel incredible getting back to the healthier me… I can’t wait to feel stronger. What about you? Are you changing any of your health habits for 2018? Let me know in the comment section here what you’re tackling… The best part about this time of year is knowing that everyone is working on something. :)



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29 thoughts on “2018 Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Do you have a favorite protein bar? I need a change from my Pure Protein brand. So fun having support online from others with the same goals! Best of luck girl!!!

    1. Have you tried the RX bars? They are delicious and have all clean ingredients. My favorites are the blueberry and dark chocolate sea salt. :)

  2. I started working out for my “New Year, New Me” on January 2nd. Yesterday, I skipped a workout and I immediately felt like such a slob! It’s funny how fast your body gets used to it!

    1. Hi Alexis,
      Thank you so much for commenting – sorry about the delayed response! You are too funny.. that’s how I feel too. It does get used to it so fast. xx

  3. Looove! Especially the idea of treating yourself even if you aren’t where you want to be yet!! Makes such a difference for me to feel confident and excited about what I’m wearing – even to the gym!

    1. Hi Emily,
      Yes!!! I think it’s SO important to treat yourself. Feeling confident is the key to starting your journey because getting to the gym is half the battle. xx

  4. I try to eat dinner early and floss and brush right after so I do not snack before bed. I also limit eating out to once a week. It’s always healthier to eat at home.

  5. I just bought some workout clothes today …and cleaning out the pantry is a start ! We just got a Pomeranian puppy for Christmas (you can check her out on my instagram @pati_clark) She will keep me walking 2x a day at-least …I think I am going to get a dog stroller so she can come with me on longer park trail walks .

    1. I forgot to mention I also bout that pink/gold shirt from Loft to go with Old Navy rose gold jeans …thanks for the fashion tip too !!!!

    2. Hi Pati,
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I completely agree that organizing and cleaning is a great way to start the new year.. Congrats on your puppy :) I love that top too!! So glad you bought it. xx

  6. For better quality sleep l certainly turn wifi off at night.
    I also put kefir yoghurt and activated almonds on my cereal.
    I drink plenty of filtered water and SAN Peligrino mineral water to stay hydrated. The meat I eat is grass fed or organic. A lot of my fruits and vegs are also organic. I’m also particular about avoiding nasty chemicals in skincare and laundry products. The above is my main approach to health and I certainly need te exercise more.

  7. I always to try drink at least 8 oz of water when I get up. Getting that hydration in before coffee or breakfast is always a good thing!

  8. You are the best Kristy! Thank you for this! I need to get back to the healthy me too. I’m still having trouble getting started, but this really helps. I wish we could be “get healthy and strong” buddies. I like the rug and coffee table and all your cute workout clothes. Your Loft top, jeans and mules are so pretty together. ?

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Thank you so much for stopping by, and for your sweet words. From the words of Nike.. “Just do it”. You’ll feel empowered and strong if you do. I believe in you.. xx

  9. Hi Kristy- May I recommend some documentaries that totally changed my life? They are available on Netflix, and will help you take your dedication to your health to the next level. There are tons of good videos, but here are the four that made a difference in my life: “What The Health”, “Forks Over Knives”, “Food Inc.”, and “Plant Pure Nation”. They are truly eye-opening and will make you look at what you eat in a whole new way! Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy 2018!

    1. Hi MJS,
      Thank you for stopping by the blog and commenting. I have actually seen a few of those documentaries and I absolutely loved them. They are so informative! Thank you for your recommendations.. xx

  10. A healthy lifestyle should be this year’s resolution for everyone. Buying the right gear and exercising daily can be a great step towards staying active and strong. You have an amazing blog. Thanks for sharing it. I hope it can help many people keep up with an amazing physical health.